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May 2019 Update

What an AMAZING Father we have. Shiloh has been blessed beyond belief over the past several months. Some of these blessings include staffing, volunteer work crews, funds, cinderblocks and a graduation ceremony.

Over the past several months, Shiloh has been running a campaign to raise funds for our new multipurpose center. This 100' x 60' building will be used to bless the Shiloh campers, as well as the surrounding communities. In March, we began a campaign to raise money for 1200 cinderblocks for the base of the walls for the multipurpose center. With some expected funds to arrive this week, we anticipate reaching our goal of 100% for phase two of our project. PRAISE GOD!!! The cinderblocks are expected to arrive on May 10th and our work crew will be here at Shiloh through the 23rd of May. Lord willing, the cinderblocks will be fully in place by this date and we will have begun putting up the siding for the new building. Thank you to everyone for their generosity, prayer, and support. Through God, all things are possible.

With the completion of phase two anticipated in the next couple of weeks, we have begun preparation for the final phase of the project. The final phase will include siding, roofing, insulation, electrical, and some finish work. Which means, we are only about $100,000 away from completing the entire project. God has already provided about $250,000 in donated funds, material, and labor. It was only a year ago that we were breaking ground on this project, and trusting that the Lord would provide. He clearly has!!! With that said, we are planning a volunteer service day on May 18th from 9:00 - 5:00, followed by a fundraiser dinner and pie auction from 5:00 - 7:00. We would love to share with you all that God has done for the Shiloh community. Will you join us for a day of fellowship and dinner?

Other exciting news includes a graduation ceremony from the greater InFaith ministry. On Saturday, May 4, 2019, InFaith representatives Ed Renk, Nathan Bath and Jim Vanvorst joined the Shiloh board and staff to present us with a certificate of graduation. This graduation represents a belief that Shiloh can continue to grow without the direct over site of the InFaith ministry. Our hope here at Shiloh is to maintain a Christ centered relationship with InFaith, continue to build on the foundation set by previous missionaries, and duplicate the process created here at Shiloh, with the ultimate goal of bringing people to Jesus. We have amazing camp and discipleship programs that we'd like to further use for His glory.

Our upcoming camps include our 7th and 8th grade camp from June 24 - 28, high school camp from July 8 - 13, 5th and 6th grade camp from July 15 - 19, and 3rd and 4th grade camp from July 22 - 26. We already have 99 campers signed up for our 2019 summer camps. These spots are filling up fast!!!

We have been blessed with cabin leaders, speakers, a worship team, Timothy's, and skills class instructors for all these camps. We are however still in need of a few cabin leaders for the high school camp, and kitchen workers, night watchmen, and bus drivers for all four camps. If you are interested in serving at Shiloh, we would love to hear from you. You can reach us here at, or at 208.325.8239.

In Christ,

The Shiloh Team

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