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Shiloh Staff


Mike & Emily Crase

Executive Director

Mike Crase was born and raised in Southern California.  Between the ages of 12 and 18, he had the privilege of attending several summer and spring camps, which deepened his passion for Christ and his love for camping ministry.  During high school, Mike spent one year living in Indonesia where he was able to experience first hand full-time overseas missions.

After high school, Mike attended the Masters College (University) where he obtained a Bachelors in Kinesiology and a minor in Biblical Studies.  It was during these years that Mike met his wife Emily who was also studying at the Masters College (University).  Immediately following graduation, Mike and Emily were married and Mike began working as a physical education teacher, reading specialist and Athletic Coordinator within a high needs community north of Los Angeles.  After teaching for four years, Mike took over the responsibilities of Assistant Principal & Dean of Students and continued to serve the community for an additional five years. During this time he earned his Masters in Educational Administration and his Administrative Services Credential.

In 2016, Mike and Emily took their three children to China where they helped open a new international school.  In 2017, the Crases returned to the U.S. where they landed in Boise and have wholeheartedly jumped into supporting the ministry and growth of Shiloh Bible Conference.  Mike brings to Shiloh a wide range of skills associated with efficiently running schools and Christian programs.  In addition to what Mike can offer Shiloh, his wife Emily has a passion for serving and currently homeschools their children.


Jason & Julie McClanahan

Office Manager

Jason McClanahan was born and raised in Boise, Idaho.  He graduated from Meridian High in the early 90’s. He accepted the LORD early in life and enjoyed the privilege of growing up in a strong Christian home.  As a kid, he attended Shiloh Bible Camp several years.

In 1994, God brought Julie to Boise State University and into Jason’s life.  They were married three years later. Julie, also, attended Shiloh Bible Camp and looked forward to attending camp all year long.  She served as a summer missionary at camp over the summers of her college years.

They have two kids, Kylie and Ty.  When the kids were old enough to attend summer camp, Jason and Julie introduced them to Shiloh and started helping at camp again.  Over the past years, they have helped in several different roles, including Cabin Leader, Cook, Night Watchman and Jason has been a member of the Executive Board at Shiloh.  Now, they are talking the next step by Jason stepping in as the Office Manager.

Jason has spent his professional life in the electronics industry.  He has over 22 years working all aspects of the business. Most recently as the Operations/Material Manager for the last 10 years with Cradlepoint.  God has used these skills to prepare him for the Office Manager position at Shiloh.


Julie and Kylie McClanahan

Timothy Coordinators

Julie and Kylie McClanahan are a mother-daughter team serving as the current Timothy coordinators.

Julie has been involved with Shiloh since she was 8 years old. She has served Shiloh as a part of crew (the earilest form of Timothys), a summer missionary, and now lives in Donnelly full time with her family to work as a missionary at Shiloh Bible Camp. Kylie has been going to camp for the last 10 years and is coming into her sixth year as Shiloh staff. She has served as a Timothy, summer missionary, and helped run the timothy program last summer. She is currently working towards a Certificate of the Bible through Ecola Bible College.

They are both very excited to see what this new year of the Timothy program will bring and love to watch middle school and high school kids become influential leaders for, and disciples of, Jesus through this program. 


Troy & Melody Rankin

Traveling Missionaries

Troy was born and raised in Los Angeles county (1/15/88) while Melody was born in Michigan (2/28/89) and grew up both there and in San Diego county. Both were blessed to grow up in Christian households that emphasized missions and service to the body of believers. They both accepted Christ at young ages. Troy and Melody met at The Master’s College (University) and got married July 31, 2010.

According to the world’s standards they had “made it.” Troy was working full time at Fox Sports 1 while Melody was able to stay home with their three girls: Kaylee (4/27/12), Aliya (2/15/14), and Jordyn (3/25/16). But that “traditional” life of 40-50 hour work weeks, limited family time, and urban life in LA just didn’t seem right for them. With a leap of faith directed by God, they sold their things, bought an RV, quit Troy's job, and followed God's leading!

The Rankin’s mission is to impact the next generation for Christ by serving and supporting both Shiloh and other Christian camps around the country. It is the goal that there would be no obstacles distracting anyone from focusing on the message of God that they hear at camp. Keeping the emphasis on Christ, not the flickering light bulb or malfunctioning heater is the objective. To that end, they have been serving at camps around the country fixing toilets, painting, building, cooking, and generally doing any and every thing that camps need done to be able to serve the campers well.

While they may not be at Shiloh year round, summers spent serving there are the highlight of the year for the whole family. The vision and mission of Shiloh is what started the spark in their hearts for camp ministry. They feel blessed and honored to be able to come alongside Shiloh as traveling missionaries to further that Biblical mission both at Shiloh and throughout the country.

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Kristi Nutting

Summer Missionary Coordinator

Kristi has been involved with Shiloh since she was a little girl.  Kristi and Steve have raised four daughters, all of who have served, or currently serve at Shiloh in some capacity.  As the Summer Missionary Coordinator, Kristi is responsible for the training, discipleship and ongoing mentorship of the young adults who come and serve at Shiloh.

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