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Urgent Tractor Need

As you may be aware, Shiloh operates 100% off the support of donors and volunteers. We hare fully staffed by full time missionaries who raise their own support in order to keep the overhead cost as low as possible. Additionally, we only charge enough for our kids camps to cover operating expenses so that every child has the opportunity to hear the Gospel, no matter what their financial state might be.

However, there are times when we are faced with unexpected large expenses. One such expense is the need for a new tractor. Our current tractor is over 20 years old and is near the end of its life. Through volunteers this past summer, we managed to repair the clutch and the loader; however, one of the axels on the back of the tractor just broke. We can only bandage the tractor for so much longer as it is not currently usable for snow removal.

Thankfully however we have been given a grant for $20,000 to cover over 50% of the needed cost for a new $35,000 tractor. The new tractor will be used during the winter months for snow removal and summer months for clearing debris around camp and camp maintenance. Will you help Shiloh meet this urgent need as the snow is already upon us? Our next camp is on January 8th, 2021.

Whatever you can contribute to this urgent need would be helpful. You can donate online by clicking, or by mailing a check to Shiloh Bible Conference, PO Box 654 Donnelly ID, 83615

In Christ,

Mike Crase

Executive Director

Shiloh Bible Conference


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